Roy, Reggie and a Reckless New Beginning?

The unwritten law of horror movies is that no matter how many times the title of said horror movie has the word final or end in them, you shouldn’t believe them! Let’s have a look at the evidence, Saw: The Final Chapter had another chapter after it with another on the way. Freddy’s Dead wasContinue reading “Roy, Reggie and a Reckless New Beginning?”

Breathing New Life Into the Nightmare.

Although I don’t want to admit it, it was 26 years ago since I saw this masterpiece of a movie at the cinema! I was 15 years old, which if your maths is up to scratch, means that I’m probably too old for blogging and social media!! I don’t care though, it just means thatContinue reading “Breathing New Life Into the Nightmare.”

Halloween Havoc

I am going to say something controversial now…Rob Zombie’s Halloween movies were excellent! There, I’ve said it – if you don’t agree with this well all I can say is “tough”. I will attempt to outline in this article why I believe this to be the case and hopefully, if you’re interested, you may stick around with me to find out why and maybe even be open to having a few minds changed. If you’re not going to stick with it for this one then please be my guest to sit this one out…but you’ll definitely be missing out.

Long Live the King

If ever words in a book have danced around in your mind creating equally magical and nightmarish worlds and ultimately have made you put the book down in fear then chances are, you’ve been reading a Stephen King book. When you talk about horror books then you cannot ignore the man that most people will refer to as the master of horror as there are so many classic stories to choose from such as Carrie, Firestarter, Pet Sematary, IT, Bag of Bones and The Outsider.

Welcome to Silent Hill

The Iconic sign as you enter the small town of Silent Hill is now one of the most foreboding and troublesome town limit signs as you’re ever going to see. But it wasn’t always so, back in 1999 when the original Silent Hill was released, little did we know just what kind of disturbing imageryContinue reading “Welcome to Silent Hill”

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