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  • Super Puzzle Box Fighter!
    Hellraiser is a horrible film! There, I’ve said it! I don’t mean this in a disparaging way, although we will touch on some of the more negative aspects of theContinue reading “Super Puzzle Box Fighter!”
  • Roy, Reggie and a Reckless New Beginning?
    The unwritten law of horror movies is that no matter how many times the title of said horror movie has the word final or end in them, you shouldn’t believeContinue reading “Roy, Reggie and a Reckless New Beginning?”
  • Breathing New Life Into the Nightmare.
    Although I don’t want to admit it, it was 26 years ago since I saw this masterpiece of a movie at the cinema! I was 15 years old, which ifContinue reading “Breathing New Life Into the Nightmare.”
  • Halloween Havoc
    I am going to say something controversial now…Rob Zombie’s Halloween movies were excellent! There, I’ve said it – if you don’t agree with this well all I can say is “tough”. I will attempt to outline in this article why I believe this to be the case and hopefully, if you’re interested, you may stick around with me to find out why and maybe even be open to having a few minds changed. If you’re not going to stick with it for this one then please be my guest to sit this one out…but you’ll definitely be missing out.
  • Long Live the King
    If ever words in a book have danced around in your mind creating equally magical and nightmarish worlds and ultimately have made you put the book down in fear then chances are, you’ve been reading a Stephen King book. When you talk about horror books then you cannot ignore the man that most people will refer to as the master of horror as there are so many classic stories to choose from such as Carrie, Firestarter, Pet Sematary, IT, Bag of Bones and The Outsider.
  • Welcome to Silent Hill
    The Iconic sign as you enter the small town of Silent Hill is now one of the most foreboding and troublesome town limit signs as you’re ever going to see.Continue reading “Welcome to Silent Hill”
  • New Chuck City
    Horror has been much maligned over the past decade or so for constantly releasing new films that act as the dreaded ‘reboot’. Even the word strikes fear into the heart of even the most ardent horror fan.
  • Veronica
    First of all, I need to make a big apology for not being around in the last few months, in the first instance work took over for a while andContinue reading “Veronica”
  • Happy Death Day
    The Back to the Future inspired time travel horror series that you never knew you wanted!
  • The Long Chin of the Law
    You have the right to remain silent…forever! Take it in, read it again. Now tell me you have seen a better tagline to a movie in your life
  • The Roots of all Resident Evil
    Make no mistake though, the Baker house is no Spencer Mansion – it looks like a tumble down shack from the outside as opposed to the grandiose splendour of the original mansion – however, the place has just as many secrets to discover and places where unmentionable horrors lurk.
  • All Things Elm Street
    Craven’s estate has begun work on resurrecting Freddy as they are actively taking pitches for a new A Nightmare on Elm Street. While we don’t know exactly what the estate’s plans are – or if they have any distributor/financial deals in place – we have heard that they are looking for both feature film pitches and also concepts for a possible HBO Max series. Again, we do not know the extent of their plans – and it’s also entirely possible they don’t know what they want either.
  • Frodo Krueger?
    A little while back I posted an article relating to some of the legal issues relating to the Friday the 13th series and the Nightmare on Elm Street Series. ThisContinue reading “Frodo Krueger?”
  • Green Screen of Horror
    By now I would imagine most gamer’s are at least aware of the existence of Friday the 13th: The Game – the ostensibly online asymmetrical horror game where one personContinue reading “Green Screen of Horror”
  • Art (of) The Clown
    In an age where there are no real horror icons left (and some of them are even locked in courtroom disputes) it seems as if it’s the clowns who areContinue reading “Art (of) The Clown”
  • A Nightmare on Crystal Lake?
    So, are Freddy and Jason getting together for another monumental big screen fight? Errrr, no not exactly – this time the two horror icons are both embroiled in separate legalContinue reading “A Nightmare on Crystal Lake?”
  • Batteries Not Included
    One of the best games that I have personally played over the past few years was the original Outlast. The lack of any expectations of the game may have hadContinue reading “Batteries Not Included”
  • Welcome to my Nightmare
    Hi there, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my Blog page – here I will be writing about – well – All things Horror! SoContinue reading “Welcome to my Nightmare”
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