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Long Live the King

If ever words in a book have danced around in your mind creating equally magical and nightmarish worlds and ultimately have made you put the book down in fear then chances are, you’ve been reading a Stephen King book. When you talk about horror books then you cannot ignore the man that most people will refer to as the master of horror as there are so many classic stories to choose from such as Carrie, Firestarter, Pet Sematary, IT, Bag of Bones and The Outsider.

Art (of) The Clown

In an age where there are no real horror icons left (and some of them are even locked in courtroom disputes) it seems as if it’s the clowns who are providing some of horror’s most frightening moments of recent years! Pennywise the Dancing Clown is perhaps the most well known mainstream clown character to riseContinue reading “Art (of) The Clown”